Know More about King of the Aztecs Slot

In an enjoyable innovation by IGT online casino game developers, their King of the Aztecs slots game has a host available to players: a 3D character located alongside the reels that is able to watch the reels spin as the player does, and celebrates any of the many winning combinations which he or she is able to form. There are also no additional features which take players away from the game’s base setting, but the player’s interest is still firmly held thanks to the randomly awarded expanding wild feature the game has to offer. These are able to transform a run-of-the-mill spin into one which provides big wins out of the blue, and players will be kept on their toes as a result. There is a sense of humour evident in this slots game, which is an interesting take on a theme which is generally treated far more reverently, and players will be able to relax and enjoy the light-hearted entertainment on offer far more easily as a result.

Well-Presented Theme for King of the Aztecs Slots

The format for King of the Aztecs online slots is that of a standard 5×3 grid that takes for its setting the period of history in which Montezuma, Cortes and the Aztecs ruled supreme, and players are advised to engage the maximum amount of lines permitted for their games. The expanding wilds are able to cover all of the game’s reels, and the best way to maximise the extraordinary wins this element of play allows for is to have the full amount of paylines in play. Since the spins cost as little as 0.01 per line, equalling 0.2 per spin, this is not an unaffordable way to engage with the game.

Setting for King of the Aztecs Online Slots

The first thing players are likely to notice about King of the Aztecs online slots from IGT is how brightly coloured the game is, with it featuring a very elaborate frame topped off with statues reminiscent of the mysterious sculptures located on Easter Island. The bottom of the screen displays grass on which a rotund king stands, with his hands firmly placed on his big belly, and he is kitted out in an oversized feathered headdress. The symbols that this online slot joker88 game makes use of all have a cartoonish air about them, but there is also a sinister quality to some of them. The green lizard; bird and skull fall into the latter category, but this element only adds an extra layer of enjoyment in playing this well-designed online slots game.

The sounds for King of the Aztecs online slots are limited to when the reels are being spun, and include drums rumbling from the jungle and a serious of musical notes when the reels come to a stop. Wins are announced by means of a panpipe tune, and the player’s host, the king, does a little dance of joy. A rewarding ping sound, like that of an old cashier’s till, sounds when the total amount acquired in the win is added to the player’s bankroll.

The fact that there are no bonuses available for King of the Aztecs online slots is more than offset by the many scatter wins on offer and the expanding wild feature available. The king leaps out in front of the slots’ reels whenever a big win is accrued, and the player will be met with a satisfying cascade of coins pouring down from the top of the game alongside a big-win sign.

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